About Dr. Che

DSCF4701Cheryl (Dr. Che) Price is a passionate teacher and compassionate healer.  Her greatest delight comes when her teachings bring “aha” moments to her audience.  Dr. Che has been helping others heal for the past 25 years.

Dr. Che, holistic health practitioner and personal healer, encourages women with breast cancer to consider the collateral damage to your body from conventional breast cancer treatment BEFORE deciding on your treatment choices.

She’ll help you  discover the most powerful healing practices on the planet and how to use them to heal you body/mind, restore your soul, and overcome the fear of dying so you can make treatment choices that honor you as a woman.  And, you’ll celebrate more birthdays, guaranteed!  Holistic therapies do no harm to your body/mind.   They help relieve symptoms, ease side effects and improve your quality of life.  These therapies use the mind, body, spirit and heart as partners in your healing process.

Dr. Che is national speaker and radio and television personality appearing on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.  Dr. Che is a personal healer, an ordained minister, holistic life coach and certified stress management specialist.  When she’s not healing and teaching she spends her time reading and riding horses.

Dr. Che coaches women who want to reclaim their health so they can live their God-given passion.   She offers one-day private healing intensives, group coaching, home study courses, one-on-one health coaching and teleseminars.

If you’d like to know more about Dr. Che’s healing programs, feel free to send her any questions you have to pinkribbonhealing@gmail.com.  She is also available for keynotes, workshops and seminars.