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6 Applications for Self Mental Health Healing

These are the fundamental techniques for self mental health healing.

1.  The associated level of consciousness for silent meditation for mental health healing is the alpha level. You can listen to a soothing music or nature sounds to provide guidance while going into this state of relaxation.

2.  In order to create in your mind your aspiration or mental health healing effectively, it is suggested that you envisage a mental display that your eyes can see. This is like watching a big screen television. It has to be in a forward position, in front of your eyes, and lifted at around a twenty degree angle. The visualized screen must at least be six feet away. Make the image as big as possible. Have your eyes closed and make the mental image of this video screen. In the course of mental visualization, images on the screen are projected by your thoughts.

3.  Examine the existing health condition of your body including any disease or soreness being felt that makes you uncomfortable. It is not necessary to visualize exactly the appearance of every part of the body. Plain images are sufficient to address one’s thoughts. For instance, your internal organs do not have to look exactly the way they are in your mind’s eye. Visualize an illustrative image of the illness. You have to sense the emotions related to this physical dilemma in order to create an effective mental health healing.

4.  This time, make a mental image of the disease or ill health vanishing. By using your thoughts, devise a network to take away the health problem. For example, you can think of a tumor being melted or disintegrated into smaller particles that can be removed from the body.

Infections inside the body can be seen targeted by the immune system mechanisms and overcoming them. On every attack, every cancer cell may be dissipating and replaced by healthy cells.
If you have pain on your muscles or any part of the body, your mental healing can start with a visualization of a healing radiance over the pain that makes it go away and restores the healthy condition of your physical body. There is no exact science in visualization. Use mental images that work effectively for you. Symbolic visuals can be understood by your subconscious.

5.  Allow the ultimate image in your mind of your body in the pink of health. Sense the energized feeling and happiness of being in good health. Let your mind go beyond the physical and believe that this mental health healing is happening at that moment. Affirmations for health and healing are great supportive statements that can help you in your visualization.

6.  Liberate yourself and have faith on your body’s own capability to heal it. As soon as this is done, you can emerge from the alpha level of your conscious mind. Have absolute faith that the mental health healing action is actually occurring. Bear in mind that the mental health healing activity is not a substitute for consulting with your physician. Always have a rigorous diagnostic examination for grave illnesses. This is merely a type of complimentary medical approach that can be utilized along with medical treatment in a health facility.

Barbarella Alderson is a featured and syndicated expert columnist on the topic of health & healing for the Secret Enquirer. For more health & healing tips and articles, visit http://www.SecretEnquirer.com now.

Breast Cancer: Cigarette smoke blocks cells’ healing ability

The Reuters Health magazine has found that cigarette smoke can transform normal breast cells into cancerous cells by blocking their normal ability to repair themselves. Over time this could lead to the development of breast cancer, scientists report.
Smoking cigarettes substantially increases a person’s risk of developing heart disease, as well as cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder and uterine cervix. Whether cigarette smoking increases the risk of breast cancer risk remains controversial.
For their research, the Gainesville team used cigarette smoke condensate or tar that contains all of the chemicals present in cigarette smoke, 81 of which have been classified as cancer-causing.
“The use of cigarette smoke condensate…mimics the human smoking situation more closely,” Dr. Satya Narayan told Reuters Health.
Narayan and colleagues found that after treatment with cigarette smoke condensate normal human breast epithelial cells in culture acquire mutations characteristic of malignancy. “The concentration of the condensate we used is much lower than it is present in one cigarette,” Narayan pointed out.
The Gainesville research also pinpoints the mechanism by which cigarette smoke transforms normal breast cells into cancerous cells. Cigarette smoke “causes DNA damage and at the same time compromises the DNA repair capacity of the cell, perhaps, leading to mutation and transformation of targeted breast epithelial cells.”
A DNA repair defect in a single cell that cannot be repaired efficiently before it divides can lead to the genesis of tumors, Narayan said.
When people smoke, they inhale 4,000 different chemicals, which can produce harmful effects in our body, Narayan said. Since the development of cancer is a complex phenomenon and requires several gene mutations during its progression, the defective cell can be present for several years before it acquires tumorigenic activity, the researcher added.
Therefore, the safest way around this is to stay away from cigarettes. “This will protect us from the long-term known and unknown causes of cigarette smoke chemicals on our health,” Narayan said.
SOURCE: Oncogene, August 21, 2006.
It is well known that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, all you have to do is to read the warning statement on the side of the packet of cigarettes. The frightening element here is that cigarette smoke has the ability of KILLING you with its negative side-effects. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is addictive due to its high content in nicotine, a drug-like substance. Even more sad is the fact that most smokers will only find the motivation to stop smoking when their health is already endangered sufficiently that they receive a nasty diagnostic at an advanced stage of a disease.
Breast cancer affects women in their feminity. It has been said that breast cancer is a socially acceptable woman’s way to commit suicide. The statistics tend to confirm the fact that women who contract breast cancer have a psychological profile that reflects deep unhappiness with their current situation, either with their work, their life partner, their lack of children or the overwhelming sense that they cannot cope with all the pressures of our modern lives, where many women are expected to have a full-time job, then arrive home and take on a second one looking after a family. The deep sense of despair depressed the immune system which was then unable to do its regular cleaning job of removing cancer cells which are even present in our body. It focuses instead on the depression, looking for ways to cope with a stressful lifestyle, focusing all its resources on that one situation with no more ‘soldiers’ to divert to fighting cancer. Adding the damage caused by cigarette smoke is the death knoll to women who are not able to change their life situation.
You will find many more in-depth explanations on the causes of cancer. Dr Magne has been researching the origins and causes of disease and cancer for the past 25 years. Visit www.cancer-free-for-life.com to receive a FREE report on The 10 Ways to Cure Cancer Immediately. This article is available for reprint for your website and newsletter, provided that you maintain its copyright integrity and include the signature.

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Spiritual healing for cancer

Spiritual healing is a method for healing physical and mental ailments.  If you are new to this concept of spiritual or holistic healing then it might take you some time to understand the concept. Spiritual healing is a method with helps a person to not only explore the mind body connection but also ones connection with the divine so as to achieve a sense of achievement and calm.

Spiritual healing can help heal the mind and body and some of the visible effects of this can be seen on the physical well being. Spiritual healing can be used to cure minor ailments like aches and pains, migraines, back aches, etc. On more advanced levels of healing, spiritual healing is also used for curing cancer in cancer patients. While this idea seems farfetched, there is large data from world over that suggests that spiritual healers can help in curing of cancer.

Before we go further into this, one must remember that spiritual healing does not suggest that one should discontinue the medical treatments for their illness. It best thing to do would be to use spiritual healing in conjunction with conventional medical treatment procedures.

Just like spiritual healing and the power of positive thinking helps to eliminate the regular everyday ailments, it can also have deep influence on cancer too. It helps to bear the pain better and can also help slow down or reverse the cancer.

Some spiritual healers use the power of chakras to better understand and heal the cancer. There are claims that suggest that imbalance in the body chakras can give the indication of cancer years before the medical test suggest its presence. A study of breast cancer patients show that each one of them had a torn chakra. Sometimes a torn chakra can be seen years before the tests and hence spiritual healers’ advice to do spiritual healing before any disease sets in the physical body.

Spiritual healing of the body can help to reverse the energy imbalances that can result in terminal diseases. While it is very difficult for a normal person to identify the energy imbalances, spiritual healing can help establish a mind body connection early on so that we can understand when our body wants to communicate to us that something is wrong. One has to understand these connections to get the signals of the body.

Spiritual healing techniques of meditation, reiki, prayers, guided imagery etc. are all seen beneficial in curing many illnesses. But it is important that the patient has faith in this procedure. You can identify and establish connections only if you believe in their existence. Hence faith in you and in the divine is very important part of this process. If you have tried all other remedies then it would be worthwhile to try spiritual healing as part of the treatment.

Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.

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